The Drama and Art building at Queen’s College offers some of the best facilities in the South West. The spacious, brilliantly lit studios offer specialist teaching facilities for Fine Art, printmaking, fashion and textiles. There are also well-equipped rooms for GCSE pupils and every A Level student has their own exhibition and working space.

The results for Art in the past few years for both GCSE and A Level have been exceptional. Head of Department, Claire Western, is a well-established painter and other members of the department have specialisms in fashion and textiles. All the staff are extremely experienced and enthusiastic and encourage the pupils to be innovative, push the boundaries, be creative and experiment in a wide range of media. Teaching is superb. Termly story-boards for each year group are created by every member of staff with visual representation, creative ideas and material suggestions so that every pupil is clear as to what they will achieve within set time frames.

Art is displayed all around the campus and if you visit Queen’s College you will see many examples of stunning and adventurous projects and exhibits. There are regular excursions to art galleries such as the Saatchi and Tate Modern in London and St Ives, sculpture parks and to the National Trust as well as international art trips to Venice, Barcelona, Paris and New York which help inspire the students in their work. In addition, workshops with working artists are held in school. The ten-day Quartz Festival, where professional artists, sculptures, jewellery makers and ceramicists from all over the South West gather to exhibit, enables our pupils to see first-hand working artists.

Years 7-9

Small teaching groups enable us to tackle the most ambitious and challenging projects even with the younger classes. All pupils are timetabled for an 80-minute period of art a week. The scheme of work for the lower school is designed to ensure that all pupils will have studied all the main elements and experienced a wide variety of techniques and materials by the end of Year 9. They are then well prepared to opt for Art and Design at GCSE level.


Large numbers of pupils opt to take GCSE Art and Design. They follow a two-year course where they have the chance to paint, draw, print, sculpt and develop their own individual areas of interest. The students experiment, use sketchbooks, try working on different scales and produce several main, complete pieces of coursework. At the end of the course, they select their best work and join the Sixth Form in mounting an exhibition to which parents, staff and pupils are invited.

Art Scholarships

We offer scholarships and awards to pupils who are gifted in Art at Year 7 (11+), Year 9 (13+) and in the Sixth Form worth up to 50% off fees in outstanding cases. As a guideline, most major scholarships are worth approximately 25% of fees and minor scholarships, 10% off fees. Further scholarship information can be found by clicking here. On top of these, students can apply for means-tested assisted places. To download a copy of our bursary form please click here.



School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559

School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559