GCSE Curriculum

The two-year General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) courses start in Year 10. 

The curriculum we offer is outlined below.

1. All pupils will follow courses in the following core subjects. Each subject has its own sets.

Most pupils will take both English Literature and English Language GCSE. EAL pupils will take English as a second language GCSE.

The top set or sets will have the opportunity to enter for the AQA Certificate in Further Mathematics.

All pupils must choose a language to continue through to GCSE from the languages that they are currently studying (French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Latin).

Science is split between two courses: Trilogy; leading to a Double Award in Science, and Separate leading to an Award in each science. The majority of students will follow the Trilogy course whilst the more academic students, as identified by their Year 9 exam scores, will follow the Separate award.

Over the two years there will be a series of 10 mini-courses covering moral and health issues as well as study skills, financial issues and careers.

PE and Games

2. In addition, pupils will be asked to choose 3 optional subjects from the following list:

• 2nd Language
• Art
• Business Studies
• Computer Science
• Design Technology
• Drama
• Ethics and Philosophy
• Food & Nutrition
• Geography
• History
• Music
• Physical Education

Please note that if an insufficient number of pupils opt for a subject, or a particular combination is not possible, we will ask for a reserve option.

To see our latest GCSE Handbook, please CLICK HERE.

To see our GCSE results for the past three years, CLICK HERE.

Results in GCSE examinations have been above the national average

ISI inspection report - September 2017


Pupils who study English as an Additional Language (EAL) will normally have EAL lessons instead of English and a foreign language.

Details of the subjects we offer can be found in the GCSE academic booklet (click on the link above) and in the Subjects menu in this section of our website. Parents will have an opportunity to discuss options at the Year 9 Options Evening in February.

If you wish to discuss them at another time, current Queen’s parents please feel free to get in touch with your son/daughter’s tutor, Houseparent or the Head of Curriculum Planning; parents of prospective pupils please contact the Admissions team who can help.

After the Options Evening, pupils will be asked to make their 3 provisional choices and language choice. Once choices have been made, the option blocks will be built, taking into consideration the requests of all pupils.

Every effort will be made to meet the requests of as many pupils as possible although, inevitably, some combinations may not be possible. In the event that your son or daughter’s choices cannot be accommodated, we will contact you to discuss other suitable option choices.

At KS4 students may continue to access the range of student support services for social, emotional, communication, sensory, physical and cognitive difficulties. All students are expected to choose a full range of GCSE options, although those who have a specific relevant diagnosed processing difficulty may be offered the opportunity to study a VCert instead of a language.

All students are taught study skills as part of the PSHME lessons, and top-up revision skills tuition is available by request (at a charge and subject to availability). The English and Maths department provide booster sessions for those students that require additional support in these areas. Help with prep is available after school 3 days per week in student support for those students with AEN.

It is vital that we are informed about any additional needs upon entry to the school so we can assess your child at the start of their GCSE course and ensure provision is mapped appropriately. This is particularly important when dealing with exams access arrangements (EAA) as deciding to apply for EAA is based on evidence of a history of need, history of provision and substantial evidence that this is how the student normally works in their assessments.

GCSE support diagram



School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk

School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk