English Language and English Literature are taught by a team of highly experienced, enthusiastic individuals who share a common love of written and spoken English. The team can draw on the range of specialist interests and knowledge including the media, drama, Shakespeare, contemporary prose, poetry and medieval literature all within the department.

The English Department work closely together, sharing ideas, maintaining consistency in the assessment of pupils’ work and planning together and monitoring the progress of the pupils. Because we share a common belief in the value of language competence, of reading awareness and of those insights literature offers, pupils move between stages – Key Stage 3, GCSE and onto A Level – building incrementally on knowledge and understanding.

The department is incredibly friendly and approachable in its relationships with pupils and standards are high. Lively and challenging teaching methods and imaginative task-setting means that pupils are fully engaged and inspired with lots of opportunities for pupils to go beyond the curriculum. There is positive support for those with specific needs and learning difficulties particularly in the four major skill areas of reading, writing, grammar and oral work and parents are kept fully informed about progress, course requirements and achievement. The department has achieved record success at GCSE with many choosing to continue the subject at A level and on to university.

English is taught in a suite of classrooms each equipped with the latest ICT technology. There is an extensive range of prose, poetry and drama specifically selected for each age group, including classic fiction and contemporary award-winning texts and reading. A love of fiction is encouraged with a cosy, quiet area in the Learning Resource Centre.

Many joint trips are run in conjunction with the Drama department to see theatrical productions in London, Stratford and Bristol. We enter our pupils into national essay writing and poetry competitions and have a very strong debating society, for which Queen’s has an outstanding reputation. Students are encouraged to take part in Model United Nations which has achieved national success in recent years. To see our recent conference in action, please click on the video here.

Budding journalists are encouraged to write articles and act as editors for the various school magazines, including the Queen’s weekly newsletter (please click here) and The Wyvern (please click here to see a copy).

Years 7-9

These years are used to prepare pupils for GCSE. Emphasis is placed on improving writing style and technique, reading comprehension, spoken language skills and the accurate use of standard English. In recognition of the correlation between exam success and reading ability, reading is encouraged and supported both in and out of the classroom.


At GCSE we follow the AQA specifications in English Literature and Language. Most pupils study both subjects to GCSE, both of which are 100% terminal exam assessments.



School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk

School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk