Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Queen's College is an integral part of the life of the school, which has a Christian Methodist foundation and is one of sixteen Methodist schools in Great Britain and Ireland.

A fundamental part of the curriculum, the study of religion, helps all pupils gain awareness, tolerance and understanding. There is no doubt that one of the reasons why pastoral care is so strong at Queen’s is because teaching Religious Studies, Ethics and Philosophy helps pupils respect other people as well as themselves, understand and appreciate different viewpoints and work together as a community for the good of the School.

The department has two large teaching rooms and makes good use of a variety of tools for teaching, including video, interactive white board, DVD and PowerPoint presentations. We make extensive use of religious artefacts, particularly in Years 7 and 8.

Outside the classroom there is a Christian Union society and the Chaplain runs annual Confirmation classes. Assemblies are generally Christian in content, there is an annual carol service at Temple Methodist Church, and boarders who would like to can attend a variety of different churches on Sundays. There are often other informal events featuring on the School’s calendar which aid religious understanding.

Years 7-9

In Years 7 and 8 pupils study aspects of World Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity). The course is suitable for people of any religious background or indeed none.

Year 9 provides an introduction to the GCSE course consisting of three parts. Ethics considers the moral and spiritual aspects of our relationship to the environment as well as love, sex and relationships. The second area, Ultimate Questions, seeks to consider questions such as “Who am I?” and “Does God exist?”. The third area is Biblical Studies which explores how events in Jesus’ life are celebrated by the Church and the significance of the life of Jesus for Christians today.


The GCSE course that we run at Queen’s, entitled Ethics, Philosophy and Religion and is extremely popular. The Head of Department is an examiner for the subject nationally. The course contains two elements. The first element is Beliefs, teachings and practices of world religions. The religions that we study at Queen’s are Christianity and Islam. The second element of study is Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in the modern world. This course helps the pupils to learn about the approaches of religion and ethics to some of the most important questions about how people behave. It allows the pupils to study some of the fundamental questions about human existence. This option leads on to the popular Philosophy A-Level course and is very good for those wishing to follow a medical career in the future.



School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559

School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559