When visiting Queen’s College Senior School people often comment on the friendly and caring atmosphere and sense of community at the school and there is no doubt that the pupils and indeed the staff are proud of its success academically, on the games field, in the performing and creative arts and its wide ranging co-curricular programme.

For the past two years, Queen’s College has achieved the top academic results in Taunton and indeed was placed in the top two schools in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Why is this, you may ask, considering that Queen’s is not a highly selective school and that we place emphasis on an all-round approach to education?

Well first of all we have an enabling and supportive ethos within the school, where pupils are encouraged to think independently, appreciate each other, make the most of opportunities and be involved. Our small class sizes enable our teaching staff to give considerable support and attention to individual children, challenging the academically able, inspiring those in the middle to achieve beyond their expectations and supporting our pupils who need nurturing and extra help. It is of course people who make all the difference and Queen’s College is a family where care of young people is at the heart of what we do. Some of you may remember a teacher who was inspirational, nurtured talents perhaps you didn’t even know you had and who brought out the best in you. These are the kinds of staff we employ at Queen’s College – highly motivated, inspirational and caring people with a passion for their subject and whose influence goes beyond the classroom.

What also makes Queen’s really special is our family network, The support the wider Queen’s College community, our parents, Governors and OQs give to our pupils and staff is really valued. Helping at open days, providing work experience, giving advice to the Senior Leadership Group and providing positive feedback are all important roles within our community and there is no doubt that the school is enriched by the wide network of people who devote considerable time and enthusiasm to promoting the School as a whole.

Queen’s College has a tremendous reputation nationally for the creative and performing arts. It's range of musical styles, the quality and creativity of theatrical productions and the opportunities to study so many different dance forms is unique. We also excel in the creative arts where budding fine artists, photographers and fashion designers push the boundaries, innovate and take risks before going on to gain places at prestigious universities and making a name in their chosen field.

Sport is a key strength of Queen’s College and we have obtained outstanding results at national level in hockey, cross country, swimming and riding. Several teams have reached the national hockey finals in recent years – an amazing achievement considering the size of the School. Our cross country runners, swimmers and riders are representing the South West region and some talented individual pupils have national placings. There cannot be many schools which have reached this level of excellence across such a wide range of sports and the whole community has felt proud to see the school attaining such outstanding achievements.

Above all however Queen’s is a caring, Christian school where good manners, consideration for others, respect for oneself and a sense of humour are valued. Our success is providing our young people with an education for life, preparing them for the future and giving them the skills and confidence to be able to go out into the world and make a difference.

Do come and visit us. We are confident that Queen’s College is the school you are looking for. Please click here if you would like to receive a copy of our prospectus or press the ‘book a visit’ button to arrange a tour. Open Days are held every term. Our Senior School Registrar, Mrs Sarah Frost, would be delighted to answer your questions or help in any way so please do not hesitate to contact her on 01823 340830 or by email at registrar@queenscollege.org.uk.



School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk

School Office: +44 (0)1823 272559 contact@queenscollege.org.uk